L.O.V.E Yeah, That

You can’t let go of someone who was never meant to leave you in the first place.

Follow your heart to the one it calls home.

Yep. Love. That four letter word that means a lot. Well, depending on who is saying it and what context it’s being used in. Lets face it, it gets used even when it’s not always meant.

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Lost In The Storm Of Dark Days


Just like a phoenix, I shall rise again, stronger than I have ever been.

I have been through the darkest of days when life is beating me with the very chains it has bound me with. I have wanted the torture of this life to be over. Yet, I couldn’t end it. I had to know what lied beyond the hardest of times. I wanted to know what was on the other side of the lesson, of the test of my inner strength. I pushed through with more than I though I had in me. Strength that had been buried deep within my very being, pushing me and guiding me through it all.  I knew something beautiful would be waiting, it’s just a matter of time. Continue reading Lost In The Storm Of Dark Days

Next Chapter: Fear, Hatred, Religion All In One

Only in our fears can we find ourselves.

Sometimes fear controls us without us even knowing. The truth, now that’s scary and at times, painful. Especially when it causes us to take a look at ourselves in a not so pleasant light. Fear can break us down, make us feel unworthy, or cause us to not trust others. Fear of the unknown, that is almost as scary as the truth. But in the unknown, there are unlimited possibilities because there are no expectations. Sometimes, though, we need to force ourselves to face the fear and open up to our truth. It’s not easy but in the end, we are better for it. We learn more about ourselves and become stronger that we ever thought possible. The truth can be hidden away, but it’s always there. Seek it out, and you shall find the beauty that lies on the other side of what has been kept buried just beneath the surface. Unravel the mystery of your own truths and there will be comfort, love, happiness, and the calm and stillness of the aftermath of the storm. Break the chains of the fear that is holding you down. Break through to the life you deserve, the life you were born to live. Free from the chains of the fear you have created within yourself. Only you hold the key to unlocking the gateway to a new you. Find yourself by fighting the fears, doubts, and insecurities. Begin the next chapter of your life with a new-found freedom you deserve to have, that comes from within. You are strong enough. You can make it through the struggle. I believe in and have faith in you. You can and will survive the truth. It’s in you. Continue reading Next Chapter: Fear, Hatred, Religion All In One

A Little About Me and My Experiences


Ah, my first blog post. What better way to start off than talking about myself. After all, this is my blog and should be all about me. The title is “My Life as I Live It”. So here’s the deal. I was going to write a book. I had thought about blogging before the book because it seems like a much better way for me to write. I don’t typically write long and boring crap. I usually write short little blurbs about something, anything really. Whatever pops into my brain is what I will write about. Or, as you will find out, about my adventure called life. Believe me, it’s quite amusing and entertaining. Even I can’t help but laugh my ass off when I think back on my life and the stupid shit that seems to happen, both good and bad. I’m a deep thinker and I will put things in my blog posts that will make you think, maybe. Other times, it will just be about something that has happened or a memory I have that I find would make a good story to share. Anyway, onto me.

My first few blogs will be the chapters I had written for the book manuscript. I think it’s about six chapters. So, here we go. Continue reading A Little About Me and My Experiences

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