Election 2016.

You know I would have something today about this, even though I don’t like politics. It does not mean I don’t have an opinion on it. I know I will probably piss people off on both sides of the spectrum but I don’t care. If I lose friends over it, so be it. It’s my thoughts and perspective and I’m not changing it for anyone. I didn’t vote because I don’t believe in politics. Some people don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in politics. I have that right. Continue reading Election 2016.


Sex Robots?!

So, I’ve been getting news feeds on Facebook every so often about sex robots. Seriously?! They say it will put an end to prostitution rings and all that. That’s great but is it really solving the real issue?  Continue reading Sex Robots?!

Are We Really?

I don’t get it. We, as humans, are dumb fucks! You heard me. We blow each other up, destroy the very planet we live on for what? To prove we have power? To prove we are better than someone else? Why? Why are we trying to be better than someone else? Shouldn’t we just be trying to be a better human being? I, for one, just want to be a better me than I was a day, week, month, year ago. I’m only in competition with myself. The only one I am better than, is myself. I am no better than anyone else in this world.

Continue reading Are We Really?

Amazing Nature

Is it just me, or is nature really amazing? Trees go through a beautiful change in the fall. They shed their leaves, bearing their soul for the harsh winters. Dying a slow yet beautiful death only to return to life months later and begin the cycle again. Only in nature can something die, only to be brought back to life. The trees, grass, flowers, they all die off year after year only to keep coming back to life year after year.  Continue reading Amazing Nature

Bad Drivers!

Ok, so all you bad drivers, you need to stay off the road. Seriously. What is wrong with people when they drive? I had a guy go through an intersection while I was in the middle of it, turning left. Uh dude, did you NOT see me in the middle of the intersection when you decided to drive through, almost causing an accident?! Then, the dumbass goes slow. Like, under the speed limit slow. WTF dude?! Why? Why do these people find their way to me?

Continue reading Bad Drivers!

Single Lesbian Online Dating Adventure

So, I’m a single lesbian. I am not one for going to bars or clubs to find a girlfriend so I do the whole online dating site thing. I’m also not looking to date but I like meeting new people and making new friends. My life lacks lesbians friends anyway so the dating sites are a good choice. Well, maybe, maybe not. Continue reading Single Lesbian Online Dating Adventure

My Dream Last Night

I’ve been having some very real dreams lately. So real, that when I’m actually awake I feel I’m dreaming and when I’m dreaming I feel like it’s reality. It’s been crazy. I don’t remember all of my dreams, just certain ones. The ones I seem to remember the most vividly are the ones involving my ex, Roo as I’ve called her before. Last night was one of these dreams.

I’m sure exactly how it started out but we were in the snow covered mountains. We were either skiing or walking down the barely touched, snow covered path. When we reached the bottom of the mountain, there was a lake or ocean or some kind of body of water with a white sand beach. The sand was the same white as the snow so you couldn’t tell where the snow from the mountains ended and the sand of the beach began. This body if water and beach were surrounded by snow covered mountains. It was as though the mountains were coming out of this body of water. It was incredible. We sat down on some steps and just talked and enjoyed the view and each other’s company. She says between my legs and laid her back up against my chest. It was so relaxing and such a feeling of comfort. It was cool enough at the beach that we wore jeans and hoodies, which could be due to the snow on the mountains. 

After a little while, a group of people we did not know, joined us. They sat and talked with us for a short while before they got up and left. Everyone was happy and enjoying this special place. Once they all left we went back to sitting for a little bit before we got up and left too.

The view of the water with the mountains is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was so amazing and beautiful. I don’t think anything like it exists here on Earth. It was a magical place to be. It was very calming and peaceful. Even though it was somewhat cloudy, there was still enough sun to glisten off the snow. I’ve never experienced a place like this but I’m glad I got to, even if it was only in a dream. The dream was more real than any reality I’ve lived. I will keep enjoying my experiences in the dream world because it seems real to me.

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