I spent the weekend in Denver and the surrounding areas. I am going to be moving out there in a few weeks, job or no job. That doesn’t matter to me anymore. My own happiness is what matters. And it’s priceless. But, there is one thing I have learned from all of this. The people I am surrounded by, my family and friends, are very unhappy and miserable. Let me explain how I know this.

When you are happy with yourself, your life, the people in your life, you don’t keep trying to find more materialistic things. You don’t set out to find happiness in things. You start seeing happiness in everything and you don’t require anything to make you happy. You can’t take your car, your house, your money, your big screen TV, etc with you when you die. But, you can leave this realm with knowledge, experiences, love, understanding, and happiness. When you are truly happy, you don’t care about a job, a paycheck, a car, a house, a phone, etc. What you do care about is yourself, experiences, the people you surround yourself with, living every moment like it’s your last, loving with all you have without expectations, growing, learning, and being free to be yourself and do those things which bring joy into you and your life. 

When  you aren’t happy, you focus on things. You focus on the next car, the next house and making sure it’s bigger and better than the current one, how much money you have in the bank, looking for a better job (although this can also be a sign of happiness, it just depends on if you are actually truly happy doing what you’re doing in the first place), getting a bigger TV, making big purchases, etc. All things which are temporary and don’t actually do anything to make you happy. True happiness can’t be bought because it comes from within yourself. This is why so many people can’t figure out why that new regridgerator or TV or sound system or car doesn’t make them happy after a month and it now is just an added expense so they now don’t like those things and they are back to feeling unhappy and miserable again. If you want to be truly happy, then stop focusing your attention on things and focus it on yourself. 

I know I am surrounded by a lot of very unhappy people. I just want them all to know that instead of chasing after things that only have a temporary happiness attached to them, why not just do what makes you happy, even if it means sticking with the car, job, pay, TV, etc you already have and see what happens. Surround yourself with people you enjoy being around and who make life enjoyable because leaving those people will be the hardest thing you could ever do. I know, I am going through that right now. I know they will always have my back and maybe someday, their true happiness will bring them to the same physical location as myself. It hurts me to see people I love and care about not being happy. So I write this for all of you because I love and care about all of you and just want you to find peace and happiness.

I also know that by living in your head all the time does not work. You have to clear the garbage your brain is saying, out, and let your true self in. The brain and your instinct (or true self) are not usually on the same page. Clear out the brain noise and it will be quiet enough to hear what it is that will make you truly happy. The brain is not true to you. It plays games and messes with you. That’s why it’s sometimes hard to make decisions. But your true self will always know the right thing and what you need or want. Liste  to it. It’s not going to steer you wrong. Afterall, it is you, not your brain giving you the answers. Connect with yourself and find out what you really want or need. I, myself, have given up a lot of great opportunities, both job and personal wise. It sucks but knowing how happy I am and by not taking those opportunities, I know for a fact, I would not be where I am today. I would not be the amazing and incredible person I have turned into, if it wasn’t for passing up those chances. Sometimes I do feel like I made a bad decision but then I look at where I am at and the experiences I have had since, and I know I made the best decision of my life passing it up. Sometimes what seems like a great opportunity isn’t the great opportunity but what happens after it that turns out to be the greatest opportunity of all.


Live Like It’s Your Last Day

So, I was watching a show and it triggered my little brain into deep thinking. It really doesn’t take much. Anyway, it got me thinking about life and why so many people sit on the sidelines of their own lives, just watching life pass by. This is what goes through my head.

You can live life one of two ways:

1. You can sit back and watch it pass by with nothing really going on. Just day to day, same old stuff. Wishing you were out doing something that you heard or saw someone else do. Or……

2. You can go out and live each day like you won’t get another one. Go out and do the things that you love to do, want to do, or just feel like doing for the hell of it. Do what makes you happy.

Another day is not guaranteed. Living everyday as though it’s your last, in my opinion, is the only real option we have because today may just be your last. Don’t be there about to die regretting not doing enough, not loving more, etc. Don’t die wondering what could’ve been, might have been or should have been. Don’t live your life thinking about the what ifs in life and just go out and do it. There are endless possibilities in life if you open yourself up to them.

Love more and harder. Why be scared of something wonderful? Why? Because if it doesn’t work out you’ll be hurt? But why risk losing love in any form? In a world full of hate, why not open yourself up to love and let it in?

Taking chances opens up opportunities and allows us to learn and grow. If we sit back and are too afraid of what might be (in a negative sense) we can lose out on some pretty amazing experiences and people. Fear of pain is what stops so many of us. When you can clear yourself of the negatives associated with fear and pain, you can live freely. You open your life up to endless possibilities. And that, that’s the real secret to life. Letting go of the fears, pain, negative ways of thinking. Stop limiting yourself to what you want or think you can do. Go out and just do it! Make it happen for yourself. It will be worth it, no matter what the outcome.

Peru – Day 12 Last Day (5/27/2017)

Travel day, literally. I did not sleep last nigh. I fell asleep around 8 pm and woke up around 11 pm. And of course, I could not fall back asleep. With having to be up at 2:30 am to catch  my ride to the airport, what was the point? Continue reading Peru – Day 12 Last Day (5/27/2017)

Peru – Day 11 (5/26/2017)

The last day in Peru. Some of us flew back to Lima from Cusco. We got all checked in to the hotel and got our rooms. My room wasn’t as nice this time around as it was the last stop in Lima, but it was ok. It was a bed. I have to be up at 2:30 am to head to the airport tomorrow anyway.  Continue reading Peru – Day 11 (5/26/2017)

Peru – Day 8 (5/24/2017)

Once again, the wake up call sounded more like a fire alarm than a wake up ring. This time, I was already up so no wetting the bed on this one. I got everything ready to head to Machu Picchu and went to breakfast. Continue reading Peru – Day 8 (5/24/2017)

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