Human Moments

Life is like a curb that comes out of no where. You’re just walking along, doing your thing and the next thing you know, you are stepping off the curb. It’s never an easy step either, it’s a jolt you weren’t expecting. Same thing with life. One minute you are doing your thing and the next, a jolt shakes you. It doesn’t even have to be anything big, a curb is what, 6″ and that feels like a 100′ cliff sometimes.

I’m a pretty happy, positive and upbeat person in general. But every once in a while, ok ok, almost once or twice a month, life reminds me I’m still human. I have what I am starting to call human moments. You know those moments I’m talking about. When things might not be going totally as you want but you end up all emotional cray cray instead of just rolling with it, like you usually do. Normally you’d be all “Oh well, just gonna go with it and see what happens” but your emotions have a different plan and go all emotional on your ass to the point even you tell yourself to stop it and to get your shit together! Yeah, those human moments.

I decided to call those moments human moments for a reason. I have come to the conclusion that these moments are the Universe’s way of saying “Hey Spirit being in the body named T, you are still human, remember?!” So, it sends me these reminders that even though I am a Spirit and Universal energy, I am in a human body that has human feelings and emotions. I have learned from this, that, it’s ok. It’s ok to go through the moments. We have to. It’s all part of the process. I have also learned that you need to let the emotions in. You need to feel them and sit in them for a moment. But you also have to keep from staying in them. Feel them. Let them sit. Then let them go. It’s been working for me so far. Especially when I give myself a pep talk during it and saying “What the fuck is wrong with you?! This is not you! Pull yourself together already, would ya?!” That seems to do the trick.

Human moments aren’t bad. They are lessons. They are apart of life. Let them come in. Then let those bitches go!


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