Live Like It’s Your Last Day

So, I was watching a show and it triggered my little brain into deep thinking. It really doesn’t take much. Anyway, it got me thinking about life and why so many people sit on the sidelines of their own lives, just watching life pass by. This is what goes through my head.

You can live life one of two ways:

1. You can sit back and watch it pass by with nothing really going on. Just day to day, same old stuff. Wishing you were out doing something that you heard or saw someone else do. Or……

2. You can go out and live each day like you won’t get another one. Go out and do the things that you love to do, want to do, or just feel like doing for the hell of it. Do what makes you happy.

Another day is not guaranteed. Living everyday as though it’s your last, in my opinion, is the only real option we have because today may just be your last. Don’t be there about to die regretting not doing enough, not loving more, etc. Don’t die wondering what could’ve been, might have been or should have been. Don’t live your life thinking about the what ifs in life and just go out and do it. There are endless possibilities in life if you open yourself up to them.

Love more and harder. Why be scared of something wonderful? Why? Because if it doesn’t work out you’ll be hurt? But why risk losing love in any form? In a world full of hate, why not open yourself up to love and let it in?

Taking chances opens up opportunities and allows us to learn and grow. If we sit back and are too afraid of what might be (in a negative sense) we can lose out on some pretty amazing experiences and people. Fear of pain is what stops so many of us. When you can clear yourself of the negatives associated with fear and pain, you can live freely. You open your life up to endless possibilities. And that, that’s the real secret to life. Letting go of the fears, pain, negative ways of thinking. Stop limiting yourself to what you want or think you can do. Go out and just do it! Make it happen for yourself. It will be worth it, no matter what the outcome.


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