Peru – Day 6 (5/22/2017)

Had an amazing sleep last night. I didn’t sweat my ass off or have birds keeping me up. Instead, I had a group of guys being loud in the hallway of the hotel waking me up. Went on for at least an hour and started around 12:00-12:30. But, overall, I slept great. I woke up feeling rested and ready for the day. I went and grabbed a bag to get my laundry from the Amazon washed. The clothes were smelling pretty bad from not being able to really dry. I didn’t care what it was going to cost, it needed to be done. After that, I went down and got some breakfast. So far, my stomach was holding. I was hoping it would continue so I wouldn’t need more Pepto. 

I met the rest of my tour group this morning. After meeting the group, one of the guys who was a single traveler (Bryan) and a couple (Rob and Kelli) and I went to this, what was, a pyramid in the middle of Lima. The group that built it were called the Lima, which is how the city got its name. There’s a lot of ancient history here. I couldn’t wait to learn more. On our way back to the hotel, I had to stop at a currency exchange because I hadn’t done that yet.

I met up with the rest of the group (about 35-36 in total) for our Lima city tour. We started out at the Love Park where there is a statue of a man and woman kissing. It’s located on a cliff at the ocean. The view was incredible. After that we went to a local market where we tried different fruits and learned a little about the fruit and some vegetables that are native to Peru. Wasn’t too exciting but the fruits tasted great.

We then headed to the San Francisco Monastery, which was really cool. It was beautiful on both the outside and inside. It holds that catacombs of monks who used to live there. We got to see the original bones of those former people, probably millions of bones. The library area was really cool. It was long but had a second level. The books were the original books too. There were a couple of strange things that happened to me here. At one point, I felt like I had been there before. Actually, this happened in the Amazon too, because of a meditation I had over a year before my trip and months before planning the trip. Anyway, when I looked around, it seemed very familiar. Then, there was a room that had stars carved into wood on the ceiling. When I was looking into that room, I felt like crying but when I was in it and going down the stairs to leave the room, I felt at peace and very happy. It was a little weird, but it’s all good. I’m used to these things happening to me.

After the Lima sightseeing tour, we all went to the welcome dinner. The food was awesome, as it had been. I had a Pisco sour, my second one on this trip. For someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, this is a lot in a weeks time. A tiny glass of Pisco sour is high in alcohol. And tonight’s drink was a lot stronger than the one in the Amazon. After 3 sips, I was already feeling it, and they were tiny sips. Next up, bed time. The 5 am wake up call will get here fast and I was tired. Plus, we had a long day ahead of us the next day.


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