Peru – Day 5 (5/21/2017)

I woke up around 6 am on my own. Not sure why since I had a hard time falling asleep. There is some type of animal, my guess is a bird, that is always really loud around the same time every night and if I didn’t fall asleep before it started to make it’s trek through the cabanas, I wouldn’t fall asleep too quickly. But, getting up early allowed me to get everything packed without being rushed. Just as I was writing in my journal, an animal was walking down the path behind my cabana. It was the largest rodent, the name of which I can’t remember except it starts with an “a”. It paid to get up early and sit quiet and still. I always seemed to see more when I was alone than when I was with my group actually trying to see something. Guess it’s that connection I have. 

We were leaving for the airport around 10:15 am so I had some waiting to do. On our way, we stopped at a butterfly farm. The last few hours in the Amazon rain forest was quite relaxing and quiet. As much as the heat, humidity, and bugs were getting to me, it had been a great and memorable visit. I would do it again but only stay for 2 days instead of 3-4. Either way, it was fun. Good bye Amazon, hello Lima!

Our flight was late arriving. Then, there was a medical delay in Cusco with a passenger. Overall, we were about an hour or so late getting into Lima. No big deal since we had nothing to do except grab some dinner. I went out with two of the couples from my group for dinner at El Parquetito. There, I had alpaca and quinoa and a Coke to drink. Food was good and the Coke was similar to the Coke here but just a tad different. Then again, I don’t really drink Coke so it could’ve been the same for all I know.

I hadn’t been feeling too good this morning, had a bout of diarrhea but felt better as the day went on. Then I ate dinner and the nasty poop came back. Not sure if I somehow got some bacteria from the water in the Amazon or my body decided all the fresh, non-processed food was too much to handle. Lets just say, Pepto became my best friend.

The restaurant we ate at was at the Kennedy Park, home to stray cats. The cats are cared for by the city and just roam around. Ah, the life of a cat in Lima! The city also adopts the cats out if you want to make one your pet. They also had a little “market” of stands you could buy things from in the park as well. It was a nice park. The city, or Mira Flores (where we were staying) has surveillance cameras everywhere. That would probably be part of the reason crime is pretty much non-existent. Good to know.

Now, off to bed so I can wake up and get started on the next leg of the journey tomorrow. Let the adventures continue!


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