Peru – Day 12 Last Day (5/27/2017)

Travel day, literally. I did not sleep last nigh. I fell asleep around 8 pm and woke up around 11 pm. And of course, I could not fall back asleep. With having to be up at 2:30 am to catch  my ride to the airport, what was the point? Continue reading Peru – Day 12 Last Day (5/27/2017)


Peru – Day 11 (5/26/2017)

The last day in Peru. Some of us flew back to Lima from Cusco. We got all checked in to the hotel and got our rooms. My room wasn’t as nice this time around as it was the last stop in Lima, but it was ok. It was a bed. I have to be up at 2:30 am to head to the airport tomorrow anyway.  Continue reading Peru – Day 11 (5/26/2017)

Peru – Day 9 (5/25/2017)

I woke up around 5 am for the trek up to the Sun Gate. I went down, had some breakfast, and away we went. Continue reading Peru – Day 9 (5/25/2017)

Peru – Day 8 (5/24/2017)

Once again, the wake up call sounded more like a fire alarm than a wake up ring. This time, I was already up so no wetting the bed on this one. I got everything ready to head to Machu Picchu and went to breakfast. Continue reading Peru – Day 8 (5/24/2017)

Peru – Day 7 (5/23/2017)

The wake up call was more like a fire alarm. Scared me awake. Not cool. Got up quick and went down to get some breakfast before heading to the airport.

We landed in Cusco for the Machu Picchu adventure. It started with a Thanking Mother Earth ceremony, done by a local shaman. We made three wishes using three cocoa leaves that would later get burned. The ashes return to the Earth and the smoke goes up to the universe. It was really interesting and I enjoyed it. It was something different that not many people get to experience. During the burning of the package with our three leaves, three dogs came up to where we were outside. The threes have been strong in my life. Once the ceremony was over, we headed back inside for a buffet lunch. I was hungry and had a little bit of everything. Once again, the food did not disappoint.  Continue reading Peru – Day 7 (5/23/2017)

Peru – Day 6 (5/22/2017)

Had an amazing sleep last night. I didn’t sweat my ass off or have birds keeping me up. Instead, I had a group of guys being loud in the hallway of the hotel waking me up. Went on for at least an hour and started around 12:00-12:30. But, overall, I slept great. I woke up feeling rested and ready for the day. I went and grabbed a bag to get my laundry from the Amazon washed. The clothes were smelling pretty bad from not being able to really dry. I didn’t care what it was going to cost, it needed to be done. After that, I went down and got some breakfast. So far, my stomach was holding. I was hoping it would continue so I wouldn’t need more Pepto.  Continue reading Peru – Day 6 (5/22/2017)