Peru – 1 Week To Go

Ah yes, Peru. It is upon me. I knew it would sneak up on me quickly and it has. I’ve had since August to prepare but there is nothing like the last minute of getting everything ready to go to make you feel like you’ve lost your mind. At least I got the recommended shots out of the way. A few weeks ago……and a few days ago.

A trip for me. It’s all about me. And it’s the best thing ever! 12 days away from the U.S.A. and all the modernization we have to go on vacation away from, well everything. I’ll be staying in the Amazon. Without air conditioning. With the highs in the high 80s. And lots of humidity. My room has a ceiling fan. I have a feeling I will be losing about 5 pounds in just those 3 days, just in my sleep. And we will see how the food and I get along. The photos I’ve seen of the local guinea pig dish scares me. It looks like something out of the “Gremlins” movie. But, I am willing to try it. I might have to eat it fast so the demon doesn’t eat me first though. I’m willing to try anything and everything, unless it might make me sick of course, while I’m there. No expectations and just live in the moments of every day I get to spend in Peru. I’m so ready for this!