If Today Was Your Last Day

This past week, I started to realize how much things are connected. I came to the realization that I am a lightworker the week before last. In figuring that out, I am learning so much more about myself than I had ever known before. Things are not always as they seem. Let me explain.

I have had a lot of issues with certain things in my life and I have questioned why. Why do I find amazing women that I can see myself spending my life with only to have them turn on me for no reason and completely kick me out of their lives? Why has this been happening? I keep blaming myself but deep down, I know I haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, I get told by other people I have done everything right and did absolutely nothing wrong. So why is this happening to me? I’ll let you know in a minute.

I also have issues with money. I don’t seem to have enough to survive. Everytime I turn around, it’s like someone new is coming after me for more money and sometimes, it’s not even something I owe or my fault. But, I end up paying for it anyway. But why? It’s not like I can’t do a job that pays more. I have been trying to get those higher paying jobs. I just can’t seem to break through to something better, or higher paying. It’s not without a lot of effort on my part. I’m just stuck. By why? I’m capable of doing any job, and doing it well. Probably better than most other people who have done it before me, with or without experience. I’m capable of doing almost anything. So, why can’t I break out and finally be able to fully support myself without restrictions?

What I have learned this last week is this: I am carrying around karma and soul/spirit contracts from past lives which are not allowing me to move forward. Karma doesn’t just come to you in this life time, it follows you through each of your lives until you can clear your spirit of it. You have to remediate your spirit contracts with those who are here with you. So, here I am. Finally beginning to understand why things have been happening the way they have. And what I’ve learned is so much more about finding myself and healing myself internally so I can free myself from past life negatives. I’ve also started piecing everything together and how everything is connected. I’ve always known everything is connected in some way and everything happens for a reason but now, I can see how. Let me explain further.

Being a lightworker means healing, love, compassion, positivity. But it all starts with me. I have to show myself love and compassion. I have to be a positive person and be able to heal myself. I didn’t know how that helps heals others and the world. Until now. By understanding what I have learned about my past lives and how negative things can follow me from lifetime to lifetime, I am now able to focus on healing myself of these past negatives so I don’t have them come up again. I can heal relationships with other people that I have made contracts with. By healing those contracts and myself, I am healing those who have made contracts with me as well. We are either ending our interactions with each other indefinitely or we are fixing them so we can be a positive fixure in each other’s lives. With me being on this journey of self healing, I am healing others as well. It’s connected. Also, there are things that I have been told as well as things that I have written that I am just noticing. Some of my blog posts, I have re-read and I realize now, I knew everything this whole time, I just needed to wake up to it. Now, I am on a mission to fix it all. In fixing a of it, I get to change my entire future in this life, as well as lives to come. Once I come to the understanding of where it started and why it started, I get to heal my spirit and it will be as though none of it happened. I get to re-write my own history. I get to change everything so I can live a happier, more fulfilling life. I also get to heal others and do what I am here to do. It’s all about me but at the same time, it’s about others as well. Me changing one things about my past lives, changes things for others too. Heal yourself, you heal the world. The main objective of a lightworker. Funny how things come together when you start to wake up. When you start to notice the messages you are being given from the Universe, guides, angels.

So, after a this, I have one question for you: If today was your last day, what would you do? Would you try to make amends with those people who you treated poorly or who treated you poorly? Would you still hold a grudge? Would you give away everything you have to help others or would you just let someone else take it and do what they want with it? Would you love the person you’ve been in this life? Have you been someone who will have bad karma and bad spirit contracts follow you in the future? If today was your last day, it could be too late to make the changes. We don’t sit and think about who we’ve been to ourselves, and towards others, until we are faced with dying. Until our lives are on the line and we may not live another day, then we want to make the changes. That’s when we want to call on those people who we wronged to ask for forgiveness but the truth is, you have to do it long before then. Everything starts with you. You have to find the bad karma and contracts from past lives and dig into them. Find out what happened. Find out why it happened. Then understand it so you can move on. You can finally break those chains and clear yourself, aka your spirit, and be free. So, will you be carrying a lot of bad karma and contracts with you in your future life now and your future lives to come from what you’ve done in this life? Or will you try to mend and learn and create a new future? The choice is your’s.

I know what I need to do. I refuse to let my past continue to cause me more pain and suffering when I know what I need to do to give myself a better, happier life now and in future lives. I’m going to do whatever it takes to clear myself of the chains. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. It’s unknown but possibilities are endless in the unknown. Learn. Grow. Live. Be happy. Laugh. And most importantly, love yourself and each other.


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