Still Standing

I have been through a lot of shit. I have been abused mentally, physically, and emotionally. Verbally/emotionally is probably the hardest I’ve endured because it cuts to the core. Physically, the wounds heal, you move on. Emotionally, the wounds never quite heal the way they should. But for me, it has made me stronger. I am built tougher than anyone. Sure, I cry quite a bit but that doesn’t make me emotionally weak. On the contrary, it’s what keeps me strong. 

I know my purpose in life is to help others along their journeys. To bring out the best in those who are struggling with themselves, life, whatever. I seem to get the ones with the biggest issues and the most stubborn and abusive. I think I know why. Because I am one of very few who can endure such abuse and take their shit over and over and over. Because I can not only take it, but I know how to get them to look at themselves and see their own issues. What can I say, I have a way with people. I have a way of pissing them off. I also have a way of truly understanding what they are going through and allowing them to be themselves in ways no one else has. I can point out what the problems are and help them to look within themselves for the answers they need. That, but I’m good at telling them they need therapy. I can only do so much, you know.

I have been treated like shit so much in my life I think I’m building up some serious immunity to it. Like, “Oh you want to treat me like shit? Ok, well then prepare yourself for what I throw back at you because you will have to face yourself and you aren’t going to like what you see.” I have become stronger and stronger each time I meet someone new. I would say I’m like a brick wall but brick walls eventually crumble and can be destroyed in a bad storm. I am not a brick wall. I’m more like a marble statue. I am strong through even the most treacherous storms. I remain standing, even when the rain pours and the winds blow harder than ever before. A pigeon can poop on my head but it’s only temporary. The storms, pigeon poop, and whatever mother nature can throw, the statute still remains in place. Standing tall and more beautiful than ever. That, that’s me. I only stand taller, stronger, more determined with every storm. You can’t break me down no matter how hard you try. I will only rise up bigger, better, and stronger. You can’t tear me down because a new me will be resurrected. Just like the Phoenix rising as a new version of its old self; I too rise from the ashes of the fire a new and improved self.

You can throw what you may at me but remember, what you throw at me, is a reflection of what you dislike about yourself. I am none of those things. I know who and what I am. You cannot change that. You can not take that away from me. You think I do not see the pain, sadness, hurt in you but I do. I know more than you will ever know. I feel and see more than you ever will know. I do not judge because I know, see, and feel what you do not want others to. I am strong and that is why I am here to help others along their life journeys. So go ahead and try to break me, tear me down because you don’t know who you are and are afraid of yourself. I can withstand anything. Bring it on!!


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