Letting Go 

Letting go isn’t always easy. But, sometimes it’s necessary. I have had to let go of a lot of things, especially people I love.

Pieces of me were scattered on the floor

I was broken and damaged

Then you came along

It took me a while to see

You would help rebuild

The broken pieces

Of what was left of me

My heart was left

On someone else’s door

But you were there along the way

I thought I could never love another

There you were in the light of day

Seeing you like never before

My sunlight through a dark night

You helped rebuild

The broken parts of me

Never asking anything

But for me to never leave

The other one is about someone who has been abused and how it is effecting there life after.

I’ve been beaten down

By the hands of another

Crawled my way up

Battered and broken

Laying in the pieces

Of what was once me

Screaming, crying, dying

But only on the inside

No one can see

The pain that I hide

I’ll never be the same

How to trust another to love

When love turned to dust

As hurtful words were spoken

Over and over

From the same mouth

That spoke so sweet and loving

You damaged me

With those pretty lips

That spoke so unkindly

You call it truth, I call it abuse

No matter, I walked away

Carrying the baggage

Of a love gone wrong

Trusting no one

Love is not abusive

Love is not hurtful

Love is not damaging

Time goes on

I walk alone

The fear of you

In someone else

I can’t help but hesitate

When another speaks

From those pretty lips

Words of love and kindness

Waiting to hear the hate

To feel broken and battered

Laying in pieces

Of what was once me

I realized that when someone changes for the worse because of the people they start hanging out with, I need to let them go. They have a lesson to learn in all of the mess they have created for themself and it’s not for me to be in the middle of. I have my own journey and lessons to learn. I have had to let go of someone who means a lot to me because of their destructive behavior towards themself and towarda me. I was getting hurt too much and they don’t even know the hurt they caused because they wouldn’t talk to me about it. Communication is the key to all relationships and she flat out sucks at communicating. So, it’s hard to tell someone how their actions and behaviors are effecting you when they shut you out when you try. I don’t usually care what other people do or say but when it starts to directly effect me, then I do have a problem with it. I have to let go so they can go down the path they are on to learn whatever lessons they are to learn. Although, they have been down a very similar road in the past so you would think they would’ve learned from that. But, in time they will figure it out.

I know that in letting go, it doesn’t mean they will be gone from my life forever. When she gets her head on straight and wakes up, she’ll be back. It might take me some time to trust her, seeing how I have come to not trust anyone, but it can happen. I believe in her and believe she will work through things and start to see clearly again. Right now, she is lost and looking for answers. She’s just not looking in the right places. I know that eventually she will figure out how and where to find herself again and the light will come back on. In the meantime, I will continue to live my life through adventures and experiences. When she is ready, I will be here. Because even I letting go, I still love her and want to be with her. I still see and know there is good in her. She just needs to find herself and the right path again.


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