I have said for a while now that I have been to more funerals than weddings. My life has been full of death. Doesn’t mean I’m full of sadness and darkness. See, death is only the beginning of life for the soul. The spirit does not die, only the human body. When someone dies, their spirit is still “living”. You can still communicate with them. Just because you can no longer see, feel, or hear them does not mean they are not there. They will always be there. Let me explain this in a few different ways.

Think of the spirit as our galaxy, the different planets. Earth is the spirit in human form. We know this planet exists because we are living on it and we see it and feel it. The other planets are the spirit. You don’t see them, with a few exceptions during certain times of the year, but you know they exist. You have seen photos of the other planets. So, they do exist, you know about them, you know they are there but can’t physically see them or touch them. The spirit, once out of the human body, is like those other planets. You have photos and memories that they exist, but you can no longer physically see them. Just because you can’t physically see something does not mean it does not exist.

Another way to look at it, is like a car. The human body is the spirits car. It starts off all new and shiny and as the miles are put on it, it goes through some wear and tear. Every once in a while it needs a tune up or some fixing up. All in  all, that car is running pretty good. But just like any car, the human body starts to break down. Sometimes it can be fixed, while other times, it can’t be salvaged. The human body starts to break down but the spirit remains intact. Much like the car. A car that is no longer functioning goes off to the junk yard, sometimes there are a few parts that can be used for other cars, but the driver remains intact and goes off to find another car. The spirit is the same way. Once the human body is no longer useful, it dies and the spirit goes off and looks for another life to come back into. The spirit doesn’t disappear with the body, just like a body doesn’t disappear with the car.

I know some people who are dealing with death right now and I know it’s hard. It’s never easy. But, when you can look at death as the spirit being released back to it’s home, like an animal being released back into the wild where it can thrive and be happy, death of the body isn’t so bad. Just talk to them, they are there and can hear you. I love all of you. Peace in your mind, heart, and spirit.


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