Attention Seeking Ego

We live in a society that is full of ego. It’s more about what one can have and do for themselves than it is about helping each other. There seems to be expectations that if someone does something for another it’s because they want something out of it. I am one who does not allow my ego to drive my intentions,like so many others do. If I do something for someone, I have no expectations on receiving something in return. I am not going to go around telling people or showing people what I did. Why would I? I don’t do good things for the attention like so many people do. I do things for others because of many reasons. None of which have anything to do with attention and ego. 

The ego is so selfish. It’s all about itself. You might do things because it feels good to do things for others but is it the act or is it the attention and what extra you might be getting from it that makes you feel good? This is one of those questions that the ego will immediately cover it’s true intentions but once you break through the ego and find your inner self,you realize that maybe the intentions were not just because it feels good to help someone but it really comes down to how the extras feel afterward. I’ve done a lot of good in this world up to this point in my life and will continue to do so. The difference for me, the only ones who know what all I’ve done is me and the ones I’m helping. Maybe a few other people who I’ve told the stories to but that’s it. I don’t allow my ego to take over and feed off of the attention it could get from doing all that I’ve done. I keep it in check. I am happier with myself because of it. I don’t need the attention, approval, or opinions of others to make me feel good. All I, and all you, should really need is the attention, approval, opinions, and love from yourself to make you feel good. Until the world starts to get out of the selfish, egotistical way of life, things will always come with hidden intentions and expectations.

So, I’m challenging all of you to test your egos. Go out, do something good for someone. You can do it anonymously or tell just that person but don’t tell anyone else. See how you feel afterwards. If you don’t feel good about it, then you know your ego is your driving force and you should probably tell it to sit down and shut up. You might want to do a little searching of yourself. But if you feel good even without getting acknowledged for it, then you know your ego is in check. So, are you ready to put that ego to rest or what?!


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