The Journey Begins!

Sometimes saying goodbye isn’t about missing a person but leaving a place that feels more like home than the place you call home. I’m sitting at the airport wondering how I am allowing myself to leave. How can I leave a place, that this weekend, has made me feel like I’m home? I know that in time, this place will be what I call home. I guess my patience is strong in that regard. I’m not going to say leaving is easy, because it is not. Not in this moment. Not this time. Feeling like this is where I’m supposed to be yet getting on a plane to head back to the other place, just isn’t right but I know I have to. I’m sure this won’t be the last time and I know each time will get just a little bit harder to leave. I will keep putting one foot in front of the other, knowing that the Universe has a plan for me and is guiding me to exactly where I’m meant to be. I’m pretty sure that place is where there are mountains. My journey is just beginning. I’m ready for the next chapter.