Abortions. Yeah, I Am Going There.

So, I had a discussion about this a few days ago and decided to write my opinion on it. I’m sure those of you who are pro-life will hate me after reading this but it doesn’t matter. It’s my viewpoint. You are welcome to share your viewpoint too. Then again, pro-life seem to make everyone be subjected to your opinions, whether the mass population  wants to know it or not. At least I’m not forcing anything upon you.

I am obviously pro-choice. I don’t believe in getting involved in people’s personal business unless they want me to be. As far as my opinion goes, I believe each individual should have a choice in how they live their life and what decisions are best for them. To tell them what decisions to make because you don’t think it’s right, that is not your place. Let me give you pro-lifers some examples. I am making it up but is based off of what has probably happened to someone, somewhere.

Would you tell a 14 year old girl who was raped by, let’s say, a relative (father, uncle, brother, etc), who got pregnant from this rape she is not allowed to get an abortion? Would you force this child to go through more suffering of a pregnancy because an abortion isn’t a choice? Don’t you think the rape itself is enough trauma? Yet, to pro-lifers, it doesn’t matter because abortion is not an option. So, this child is now having to live in the aftermath of being raped by a relative for 9 months of a pregnancy. Which by the way, the unborn fetus now has DNA that is almost the same since it’s two relatives DNA which science has proven causes all kinds of birth defects. Now, this 14 year old suffered the trauma of a rape, is having to suffer through a 9 month pregnancy from said rape, and the unborn child will most likely have severe birth defects. Pro-lifers say that none of this matters and that girl should not be allowed to get an abortion. There is a serious problem with this view point, in my opinion.

What if a woman getting pregnant is high risk and could end her life? A fetus is has not been born into the world yet. But according to pro-lifers, the mother shouldn’t be allowed to terminate because she doesn’t have a choice. So, the mother has a very high risk of losing her own life during the pregnancy/birth. Which I have to say is funny because they are pro-life yet a woman who has been living in this world for x amount of years, her life means nothing yet a fetus that has never seen the light of day and is a microscopic cell under a microscope has more worth. What the hell?! Sorry but in my opinion, that’s messed up!

What about a fetus that is found to have a serious birth defect in which it may not live past a few days once it’s born? Do you really think it’s fair to a woman to force her to give birth to a baby who will not live more than a few days? I think that should be her choice as to what she does. If she doesn’t want to go through with the pregnancy, she shouldn’t have to.

It shouldn’t matter what the circumstances are, it should be the woman’s decision as to what she wants to do if she gets pregnant. Some women just aren’t ready to have a child.

There are how many thousands of kids in foster care because the parents don’t want them. So, all you pro-lifers, that is what happens when kids are born to women/parents who don’t want kids or can’t take care of them. Instead of having a loving family they are a ward of the state living with how many other kids in foster care. Do all you pro-lifers want to go adopt all of the kids in foster care when they are born to people who don’t want them or take care of them?

Why not focus on something that needs more focus? Something like domestic/animal violence/abuse. Those are issues dealing with living beings that have already been born but probably wish they hadn’t been.

There are far more important issues besides what personal choice a woman makes that will affect her entire life. It just makes you controlling and nosey. Keep your nose out of someone else’s personal business and there will be more peace in this world. Plus, your life will be less stressful because you aren’t being crazy over the things other people do. You can’t control what someone else does, you can only control yourself. So, stay out of the personal life of another person. Their life is not your life to live and you do not have a right making life changing decisions for another unless it’s your own spouse or children. Oh, and stop with the protests. It makes people dislike you and not even listen to you because you are forcing your views/opinions onto them and they think you are an ass. Get off the damn street. If you want to discuss it, then discuss it with those who want to hear your point of view and leave the rest of us out of it. Just my two cents. These are my opinions and if you don’t agree that’s fine. We can agree to disagree.


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