One of THOSE Days!

So, as you probably know by now, I’ve been sick with the flu. All last week I was out of commission. I did a lot of sleeping and resting. Best thing to do when you are sick. That is, until you are well enough to get back to human reality and have to get up and go to work. 

Today is the day my body said “Screw you!! I am not getting up. Deal with it. I need to go back to sleep.” Well, I got up anyway, despite my body putting forth a valiant effort to stay in bed. Got up, got dressed, got to work. I quickly realized that maybe I should’ve listened to my body and stayed in bed today. Not only am I still in recovery mode from being sick, I’m still tired and worn out. Apparently, there is something floating around the aisles today that I had an allergic reaction to. My eyes got all red, itchy, burning, swollen. Yeah, I look like shit to begin with and now, it’s just adding insult to injury at this point. I think my body is trying to tell me that “Why yes T, you can look worse, much worse. Now let me show you!” Believe me, the looks I was getting while trying to fix the problem, there were looks of terror coming from co-workers. You know that look of “WTF is wrong with your face?! Ewwww it’s disturbing! Stay away from me!” Kind of looks. Needless to say, my employer somehow ran out of allergies meds but they sent me on my merry way to the store to get some Benedryl.

I got my goods and before I even leave the parking lot, I’m downing the liquid Benedryl and putting allergy eye drops in my eyes. “No officer, I’m not on drugs. Honest. I’m just always this big of a hot mess.” Now, I am enjoying all the flu and allergy meds in my system. The rest of this year, I better not have so much as a booger dear in my nose after the way this month is starting off. Good thing I wore my Batman shirt today. Although, I didn’t realize that my sweatpants were see-thru and now everyone can see my hot pink undies too. What can I say, I didn’t want to get out of bed today, and now I know why. But I will make it through the day. I’ll superhero my way through it.


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