Cheater Cheater

Why do people cheat? Why do they lie? What’s the point? I have had every girl I’ve been with cheat on me. They don’t usually know I know, but I do. This time though, I made it clear I knew. And this time, I got confirmation of it. So, when you told me you never have and never would cheat on someone, you were just lying. I hope your new girlfriend, the one you cheated on me with, knows what and who you are. It’s easier to run away. Go ahead and run. Do to the others what you have done to me. Karma’s a bitch and is about to bite you in the ass!

I am still wondering how I can still love and care about someone who destroyed me. How can I just want them to find happiness with themselves, love themself, and accept themself when all you have done is hurt me? Guess it shows who the better person is because I would never go around destroying people like you do. You have been haunting me since the day you broke up with me. Like I said, karma’s going to find you and it’s not going to be very pretty when she does. See, I don’t have to do anything because the universe can take care of it for me. There is a saying of what goes around, comes around. Well, usually when it comes around, it’s not as nice as it was when it went around. It’s time for me to sit back and let the universe take over.


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