Cheater Cheater

Why do people cheat? Why do they lie? What’s the point? I have had every girl I’ve been with cheat on me. They don’t usually know I know, but I do. This time though, I made it clear I knew. And this time, I got confirmation of it. So, when you told me you never have and never would cheat on someone, you were just lying. I hope your new girlfriend, the one you cheated on me with, knows what and who you are. It’s easier to run away. Go ahead and run. Do to the others what you have done to me. Karma’s a bitch and is about to bite you in the ass!

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Stories From Colorado

I went out to Colorado this past weekend to get away from Chicagoland and my family here. While I was in Colorado I was able to see all my extended family out there. It was really good to see everyone and spend time with relatives I’ve not see in, like, 10 years. I was only there for 2 full days so I had to pack in a lot in a little amount of time. It all happened except for a visit to the mountains. It’s ok though because I was staying with my aunt who lives at the foothills, which is pretty much like being in the mountains. That, but finally on Saturday I saw mountains. That was good enough.¬† Continue reading Stories From Colorado

Above The Clouds

‚ÄčAs I look out the plane window, darkness sounds me. Other than the glow of the cabin lights passengers use to read. It’s like looking out into a black hole of nothingness. There is no stress, no sadness, no happiness, no joy. All there is, peace and calmness as nothing else can exist in this moment. 
 As specks of light glow off in the far distance, I’m above the clouds, walking with the stars of heaven. Being apart of something much bigger than myself. Emotions creep up. Life is so small compared to all else that surrounds it. When there is nothing to see but emptiness and darkness, is when you see things the clearest. It takes removing all that is, all that was, and all that will be to actually see. How blind we become when we physically see that which is before us.