Election 2016.

You know I would have something today about this, even though I don’t like politics. It does not mean I don’t have an opinion on it. I know I will probably piss people off on both sides of the spectrum but I don’t care. If I lose friends over it, so be it. It’s my thoughts and perspective and I’m not changing it for anyone. I didn’t vote because I don’t believe in politics. Some people don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in politics. I have that right.

So, Trump won the election. Big freaking whoop. He knew what he had to do to win. He did his research. Think about it. He’s a business man. He treated the election as such. What does a business person know to do? Find a market that is untouched that needs something, then go out and hit that market hard. That’s exactly what he did. He knew what market Clinton had. All he had to do was find the people who have been left out of the system and do whatever it took to get their attention. He did that too. Entertainment sells. He was the biggest freaking side show on Earth but because the American people are enthralled with and respond very well to wild entertainment, that’s what he provided. He gave the people of the market he was trying to get, exactly what they wanted. And it paid off for him. I’ve been saying it since day one this is just an act.

On top of all that, he is showing the true face of America. Large amounts of people who are negative, hateful, disgrimatory, bigoted, assholes. This is the image he has provided the world. He has shown the backbone of America is not the accepting, living the dream, country anymore but one in which it is weak and divided and anyone wanting to attack, now is the time. Showcasing the “real” America is what happened.

He played the game and won. Clinton didn’t stand a chance. The problem is saw the most is people saying “choose the lesser of two evils.” Ummm why choose at all if it’s between two evils? Seriously? Isn’t that like saying choose between the devil and it’s reflection? Either way, you are choosing evil. You do realize you have a choice to not choose at all, right? Oh, that’s right. The government wants you to believe that you don’t have that option.

Politics is all about popularity and lying. Whoever can lie the best to become most popular, wins. What are we, in high school? High schoolers can’t even vote. The sad part is, no matter how many politicians lie to the people, they keep going back and believing them over and over and over. Like something is going to change. It’s like a dog staring at a door thinking if it stares long enough it will magically open by itself. Or like someone who cheats on their significant other over and over and over using the same excuse everytime. You can catch them everytime but they give you the whole spiel of “You know I can’t resist a good looking  woman/man who nibbles on my ear. I won’t do it again. I promise.” and you believe them each time. But it keeps happening because you let it. You don’t stop it. You let it continue hoping one day it will magically just stop. The person will see the error of their ways and change. Well wake up people!! It’s not going to change unless you change. You have to make the change. You have to break up with the lying cheater. Break up with the government. Tell them you won’t believe the lies anymore. You really think Trump is going to do everything he said he would? Please. It was all an act. All you Trump supporters might be in for a big surprise when he doesn’t do what you expected. And all you Clinton supporters might be surprised when he leans more towards your side. Or, when he causes so much divide in the House and Senate that it all just stops completely.

For a country that is supposed to be “free”, we sure don’t have very much freedom. We allow one person, well small group of people, to tell us what to do, what we want, how to live our lives, etc. Do any of you realize that the government has very little power over you but have you believing it does? You pay the government to work for you. How’s that working out so far? You pay for them to go into billions of dollars of debt and continue to spend your money without even knowing what it’s being spent on. The government is a business. We should start treating it like one. No more voting every 4 years. If you aren’t doing your job, “We the people” can fire your asses on the spot. They don’t give themselves pay raises, they have to go through “We the people” to get more money. None of this pay above $100,000 for them. They don’t do shit the way it is. If I did my job the way the government does their’s, I would never be able to keep a job. “We the people” have the ultimate power by being the government’s source of income. We have the right,as an employer, to make necessary cuts to the business when employees are not doing their jobs up to par.

I am all for self governing. Let the people vote on the issues, not the government deciding what issues should be voted on. Not allow the government to dictate which issues to pass through as laws/bills/etc and which ones not. Shouldn’t we have control of our own lives? Think for yourself and stop allowing your government to brainwash you to believe you are powerless. You deserve a say in your life and where you want to see this country as a whole, head to in the future. Don’t let a small group of people dictate your life. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about this country. If they did, they would be working harder for you instead of against you. Take a stand and use your power as a united nation to gain back your freedom and a say in your own life.

Like Trump said, “Make American Great Again” but do it as a united nation coming together with love and acceptance and fight the true terrorist in your life, your government. American will only be great again if everyone stands together and stops battling each other. Find your American freedom again.


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