Sex Robots?!

So, I’ve been getting news feeds on Facebook every so often about sex robots. Seriously?! They say it will put an end to prostitution rings and all that. That’s great but is it really solving the real issue? 

Instead of people being bought for sex, they can buy robots instead. Isn’t the issue really the people who are so desperate for sex they are willing to pay for it? I don’t think a robot is going to solve anything. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s going to create even bigger problems. It’s like giving a drug addict prescription medication instead of illegal drugs. Either way, they are still a drug addict. Just because you find a different form that can be monitored doesn’t fix the issue. Same thing with sex robots. How about getting the people who are paying for sex, help instead of another avenue to get their fix?

And this my friends, is another reason the world is so fucked up! Don’t fix a problem, just put a little band aid over it so we don’t pick the scab.


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