Are We Really?

I don’t get it. We, as humans, are dumb fucks! You heard me. We blow each other up, destroy the very planet we live on for what? To prove we have power? To prove we are better than someone else? Why? Why are we trying to be better than someone else? Shouldn’t we just be trying to be a better human being? I, for one, just want to be a better me than I was a day, week, month, year ago. I’m only in competition with myself. The only one I am better than, is myself. I am no better than anyone else in this world.

If we are so smart, then why are we killing each other because a few “leaders” tell us we don’t like someone. This is called bullying  and it’s on a global scale. We are cracking down on bullying in schools so shouldn’t we also crack down on these so-called leaders of ours who bully? A real leader wouldn’t be bullying or trying to do harm to another living being. A true leader would be trying to create peace and reach agreements. Maybe, even come to an understanding of each party involved. What we have are bullies. The only difference is, the government bullies have more weapons in their arsenal than kids on the playground. It’s all the same though.

We treat the Earth as though it owes us something. Really? The Earth owes US SOMETHING?! Get real!! We owe the Earth something. It’s called respect. Believe it or not, if we keep disreapecting the Earth, it will stop providing us with what we all need to survive. Why is this such a difficult concept for so many to comprehend? We don’t need oil. We have so many other clean burning, none-burning, energy harnessing methods to give us what we need, yet we still destroy the planet by mining oil. We tear down millions of trees (which in case you didn’t know, provides us oxygen) so we can have paper and building things. Great! Are we replacing these trees? Uh no. There are other means of making everything we need that won’t cost us our planet. Hemp is becoming a huge maker of pretty much everything. And guess what? It grows in 120 days instead of years like a tree. Why are we not utilizing this as a means to produce everything from plastics to building materials, etc.

It’s all about money. Being greedy. A power trip of the worst kind. How about all you moron world “leaders” get down out of your messed up worlds where you control everything and start being a real fucking leader and take care of your people?! Why don’t you forget about yourselves and money for once and start putting value on the billions of other people in this world that you so assholey kill every day because you don’t like the “leader” of that other country over there. How about this? Why don’t all you so-called leaders fight your own battles for once and leave the rest of us out of it? No one wants to kill each other except you “leaders” so do it. You all wage your battles and wars against each other but leave the people of your countries out of your childish problems.

We are supposed to be the most intelligent species on Earth. If you ask me, we’re no where near the most intelligent. I’m making a generalized statement here, not to classify everyone under this because I know there are a lot of very intelligent people here, so don’t take offense. I have witnessed too many stupid people to not make a generalized statement. That’s all. So, for being the most intelligent species on Earth, we’re pretty fucking stupid!


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