Amazing Nature

Is it just me, or is nature really amazing? Trees go through a beautiful change in the fall. They shed their leaves, bearing their soul for the harsh winters. Dying a slow yet beautiful death only to return to life months later and begin the cycle again. Only in nature can something die, only to be brought back to life. The trees, grass, flowers, they all die off year after year only to keep coming back to life year after year.

I guess people can be the same way. We go through changes in our lives which can make us better. We shed the layers of who we once were only to come back again.

The sad reality of it all is that one day, nature will not come back to life again. If we keep destroying what the Earth is giving us and not replacing it, it won’t survive. If the Earth doesn’t survive neither do we. The human race needs to be more respectful to each other as well as to Mother Earth, the one who provides us with so much. Only Mother Earth allows us to take and take and take without asking for anything in return but we have abused her giving ways. Now, it’s time we give back to her and start replenishing what we have taken. Show our thanks and respect her for all she provides to us.

Nature is a beautiful and wonderful gift. It is to be enjoyed, not destroyed. Why destroy something that for millions of years has continued to rebirth itself. That’s a miracle all in itself. Nature is something that speaks to each of us if we listen. Maybe we all should take time to stop and smell the roses and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer.


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