Bad Drivers!

Ok, so all you bad drivers, you need to stay off the road. Seriously. What is wrong with people when they drive? I had a guy go through an intersection while I was in the middle of it, turning left. Uh dude, did you NOT see me in the middle of the intersection when you decided to drive through, almost causing an accident?! Then, the dumbass goes slow. Like, under the speed limit slow. WTF dude?! Why? Why do these people find their way to me?

This is not the first time idiots have done things to me while driving. I have avoided so many accidents because everyone is in a hurry to go no where. I used to drive a Chevy Avalanche. I can’t tell you how many people have death wishes and would pull out right in front of me. I’m talking 10′ away or less when they pull out. I was burnin rubber and it wasn’t because I was having fun, more like begging my truck to stop in time so I don’t kill the fucking moron.

People have no respect for others. That’s the problem. Everyone has some where to be but what guess what? You nor I will get there if you have to be a complete idiot and cause an accident because you think you own the damn road. Hate to break it to you but I own just as much of that road as you do. I pay my taxes so yeah, I own a rock in that pavement too. You do not own it all so stop acting like you do. You just have to be stupid when driving because you just have to be in a rush to go no where and then get into an accident and maybe never get to your destination. Instead, you end up in the hospital or worse, dead. And you aren’t the only life on the road, there are millions of other lives on the roads we travel, so you could be making it so someone else doesn’t get to their destination either. Why be that selfish?

Just think about the other drivers you share, yes you do SHARE, the road with. If you want to kill yourself, run into a pole and leave the rest of us out of it. Don’t be a dumbass and make me have to be responsible for your stupidass lack of driving skills. Respect the other drivers. Oh, and use the fucking turn signal, it’s not just an ornament for the steering column. It has a purpose and the person you cut off that is riding your ass would appreciate a little notice you are planning to turn soon. Thanks.


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