One Global Community And The World Around It

Too much hatred in this world and not enough love.

The world doesn’t need selfish people who go around hating others because they hate themselves and are projecting it out. Stop being so damn selfish. Your words and actions can and do affect others more than you will ever know. In some aspects, those things can mean life or death to that person you did not treat right. You can change the direction of a person’s life by saying or not saying, doing or not doing, anything. There are times when another person could hold your life in their hands and their decision(s) could send you down the path you are meant to travel or down a path that doesn’t even exist. 

Too many people project what they don’t like about themselves onto others. It’s not my fault you can’t get over your fears, insecurities, hatred towards yourself, worthlessness, etc. That is not my fault. That is 100% on you. It’s your problem to deal with yet you push those things off onto someone else because it’s easier to blame someone else or say they are the bad guy when they haven’t done anything wrong, in reality. Sept out of your own little world and into reality for once. Instead of hating someone for some how making you feel things you don’t want to feel, ask yourself why you are having those feeling and why can’t you accept them and deal with them? Too many people need psychological help but don’t go and get it. They don’t want to face the reality of who they really are or their past. They fear themselves so they stay clear of anything and anyone who makes them step into the world of reality because they can’t cope with the fact they are broken. To those who don’t want to feel anything or admit they are broken, I say this: You are being selfish and need to grow the fuck up! Get some help so you can stop ruining other people and their lives because you can’t deal with your own crap! Deal with it! It’s life! You can repress it all you want but here’s a reality check for you, IT’S STILL THERE! It might be buried but even things that are buried eventually find their way to the surface. Own up to your own mistakes and fears and take responsibility for yourself, your words, and your actions, or lack thereof. Those things affect others more than you’ll ever know. Being selfish and not even bothering to ask if they are ok, is NOT OK! This world is so fucked up and it’s because no one can be held accountable for themselves. It’s always someone else’s fault. Fuck that shit! Don’t push your shit off onto me because you want to believe you are perfect and do no wrong. That’s not on me, that’s on you. You lose people because you can’t see that person for who they truly are, only as the projection of the things you hate about yourself. Time to take a good look inside yourself and see the reality and the truth of who you are. It’s been you all along. Time to step up and be an adult and get the help you need and start loving yourself.

I’m sick and tired of everyone blaming everyone else for their problems they have with themselves. There is too much hatred in this world now days. Even when there is love, people can’t accept it because they don’t love themselves. It all starts with one, and that’s you.

Sometimes all it takes is to get away for a few hours to relax and recharge. Clear the mind and let the soul wander. Come back with a renewed perspective of yourself, you life, and everything in it.

There are times when life is going from 0-160 in a second and the next moment, you’re slamming into the wall and everything stops. The reminder that no matter how amazing life can be, you have to know when to hit the brakes so you don’t crash and burn. Also, that life is too short not to love with all that you are and to be open to receiving that kind of love because it can all be gone without warning.

I am weak, therefore I am strong. I am strong, therefore I am weak. It takes a strong person to show weakness. It takes a weak person strength to get up every day just to do it all over again. Put one foot in front of the other no matter how difficult the struggle and thank whatever God you believe in, every day, that He gave you another one to battle. Every person has their own struggles, no matter the size. We forget there are others battling the same day, just different struggles. We become selfish to our own struggles. You may never know what another is battling but you know they are battling something. Give others respect and kindness. Treat them as you wish to be treated because each and every one of us has struggles, we are all battling each day as we are blessed to live another. Be kind to each other for the days battle someone else is fighting may be on that makes yours look petty. Smile to a stranger as you pass them on the street, for you may never know what they have been through. That smile from a stranger may be the one thing that changes their life forever. To be strong is to be weak. To be weak is to be strong. Live life the way it was meant to be lived, fast but knowing when to slow down for the good times and hitting the brakes when you’re about to hit the curb. Live it up and love like there isn’t a tomorrow.

Life is too short not to live it the best you can. Be the best person you possibly can. Leave something good behind when you are no longer here on Earth. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone’s life. It doesn’t matter if you know the person or not. Leave a lasting, good impression on everyone you meet. You don’t have to know another person to care about them, or to feel the impact they have on other’s who walk into their life.

Tell each other you care. Those close to you, tell them you love them. You never know how long they will be here for. Tomorrow is never guaranteed and with the way this world is headed, the next minute isn’t guaranteed. Live like you won’t have another breath left to breathe. Love like you just fell in love in that moment. Give to others wholeheartedly. Fight for those that can’t or don’t have the strength to fight for themselves, for those without a voice. Believe in all that is good and stick to your morals, you have them for a reason. Laugh until you cry and enjoy the good times, they get you through the bad. Help those in need of a hand to pull them up. Smile, it could change the world. Tell your story, it might save a life, or change one. Always know that no matter what  you are going through, someone out there has gone through something similar or worse. Take time to slow life down. It’s the little things which make the biggest differences.

I think we need one global community instead of millions of little communities all over the world. We all belong to the same planet, Earth. We all share commonalities no matter what your culture, language, social status. It’s time we all come together as one. A time to become one community of Earth and work together. No one will get anywhere with violence and hatred. Only love, respect, and kindness will provide us with a more happy and productive life. By accepting each other for our similarities as well as our differences we will find peace. Creating a world full of individuals, not identical people. Lets think for ourselves and not allow the leaders of our individual communities tell us what we want. Allow yourself the freedom to think for yourself and desire those things which may not be what your society wants from you.

There are more good people in this world than bad. We see this time and time again when a tragedy strikes a county. People from all around the globe ban together and suffer together with that one community. Good people far out number the bad. The bad people cause so much fear in those of us good people that we run scared and do whatever the bad want. I don’t know specifics but my best guess is, the amount of bad in this world is maybe 5% of the population which leaves 95% good. Why are the good people not taking a stand against the bad? The bad are way out numbered. Stand up together. When you join forces and come to an agreement that we will no longer tolerate hatred, being scared, disrespected, etc. you have power. Like they say, there is power in numbers but you actually have to stand together to create the change.

One global society in which everyone is welcome. One global community where there is acceptance of each other’s differences. One global nation not controlled by a small group but by everyone, together. One Earth. One community. One global family.

We are all here on a suicide mission. We are killing ourselves from the moment we are born into this world. The Earth provides us with everything the human body needs to survive. Yet, we are having to pay money to have those necessities of survival. We need the nutrients from food. Our bodies are mostly water so we need water to keep the body alive. We need oxygen to breathe. Those three very important things that should be free to every species walking this Earth, we humans have to pay for them.

I have seen can of oxygen in sport stores. Seriously?! Mother Earth provides oxygen free of charge so why the fuck am I going to BUY it?! God forbid you need more oxygen because your lungs don’t function properly because that oxygen is super expensive and comes in giant tanks. We shouldn’t be putting oxygen in heavy tanks and making a profit from people with health problems. We should be planting more trees to provide us with more oxygen within our own atmosphere! Whatever we take from Mother Earth should be replaced immediately. If we did that, we wouldn’t be killing ourselves trying to survive. We would actually be living. We aren’t supposed to survive living on Earth. We are supposed to be living, learning, growing. Instead, we are surviving and a lot of us are barely doing that.

If you don’t have the money for food or water, well you are just shit out of luck. Nice knowing ya. Yet, if you are starving and steal food, you are now a criminal. Personally, let me go to jail for stealing if I’m starving and homeless. At least then I would have clean clothes, a roof over my head, and three good meals a day. I wouldn’t have to worry about starving because I would always know when and where I was getting food. Sounds like a better deal than living on the streets starving, freezing, and not knowing if I will eat today, tomorrow, a week, or a month from now. Plus, I could learn a valuable skill that might help me get employment when I get released, depending on how long I’m incarcerated.

Now days, we have to include electricity of some sort and clothing to the necessities list because our weather can get to over 100* and drop to freezing or lower. Without proper clothing, heating, or air conditioning, the human body cannot regulate itself well enough to survive. The human body has not yet evolved since its last evolution, however many thousands or millions of years ago. Once again, we are on a suicide mission. A very long, drawn out suicide death that we are doing to not only ourselves but each other. We don’t need to pay for electricity either. We don’t need man made nuclear energy to power our homes. The sun creates the energy we need. And guess what people? The sun’s energy is free. All we have to do is harness it and allow it to do its job.

Free energy. Free nutrients. Free water. Hell, even free medication because there are plenty of plants that have medicinal value. Why are we paying so much to survive a suicide death? Can you imagine what life can be like without money; without having to pay for necessities that are provided by Mother Earth, free of charge? We would all be able to live. Live the life we want to live. The way life was intended to be lived. To allow our spirits to learn and grow and experience things they can’t in the spirit world. We are all crazy and out of our minds for coming into a world in which we cannot really live because we are too preoccupied with trying to survive.

I have no understanding of money anymore. I mean, we all have it, but for what? We have an amount in our bank accounts but we never see it. We use it to buy items but really, what’s the point of money? A piece of paper and some metal mean everything. Most of us, now days, probably never even carry cash. So, all we are doing is exchanging numbers from one bank account to another. Why should it matter what number you have in an account or in your pocket? It’s really just a number. And why should the banks and government control it all? I mean, isn’t that kind of dumb that society allows a few people to control something that really doesn’t exist for the most part? All they are controlling is a number. It just doesn’t make sense to me anymore. It’s just strange how society works.

Those were just some thoughts I had. Thanks for reading.


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