The Stars And The Sky, Oh My

You can’t reach the stars when your feet are chained to the ground.

I’ve always been interested in astronomy. There is something about the place we live in that intrigues me. When I was a kid, I would spend the summers in Nebraska, the far southwestern panhandle to be exact. You could reach out and touch Colorado or Wyoming we were so far south and west. Anyway, I would spend the summers with my grandparents. Most nights, I would sit out with my aunt, on my dad’s side, and star gaze. We would sit outside, talk, and just look up. If you have ever been to a place that is far away from the city light smog, you know the sky I’m talking about. Millions of little white dots fill a dark background. You look up at this sight and it’s awe-inspiring. It’s like, I really am a part of all that. I am one tiny spec out of trillions of little specs in the universe. We all are just tiny speckles of dust floating around in empty space. Granted, here on Earth, we float, walk, drive, run, fly, ride, and however else you want to get around. But we are all still just a speckle on tiny dust debris.

There is something almost magical about the night sky. It doesn’t matter if you can see millions of stars or just the moon, imagine what you can’t see. The universe is full of things we can’t see. Do you think it would be different if you could see everything that’s out there? I mean, if you could see just how tiny you really are? Just because we cannot see everything does not mean it does not exist. Sometimes we need to take a time out and remind ourselves of our place, not just in this world, but in the whole universe. I challenge each of you to take two minutes out of your oh so busy lives to look up at the night sky. Take it in. Listen to it. See what you can see and imagine what you can’t.

Astrology is something that I never really got into, that is until recently. I mean, it’s all based on when we are born. What’s that have to do with who I am or what I’m about or where my life is going? How does anyone know what’s going to happen in my life? I don’t even know what’s happening in my life and I’m the one living it. So, how can someone tell me what’s going on? Well, this year, I have had spirituality brought to the forefront of my life. Well, ok, so I always knew I was spiritual but didn’t know that’s what it was until this year.

I’m a Scorpio. Yes, people, I am the best sign ever! The most intense and awesome sign in the zodiac. Little did I know just how much of a Scorpio I am. Funny how, after doing some reading and learning about my sign, I found out I am the poster child of this sign. I think my spirit is the original Scorpio. After finding certain things out, some things make perfect sense.

Two years ago (2014), I separated from my ex-wife. It was not really difficult to go through but that year as a whole wasn’t easy. When we split, I decided I wanted something to symbolize starting over. This was my time to start my life completely over and do things my way. I finally get to live my life for me no matter what anyone else says or thinks. I had always been interested in the myth of the phoenix. So, I got a tattoo of a phoenix rising from the smoke and flames. It’s a bad ass tattoo by the way. I got it as a daily reminder that no matter what happens, I can get through it. The phoenix burns itself to ash then rises again. This was what I was doing. I believe each and every day is a new opportunity to change the things we didn’t like about yesterday. When we go to sleep, we are burning ourselves, only to return to life the next day a different, better being than when we went to bed the night before. Having the daily reminder of the strength and changes that I get to make for myself and my life helped me get through a lot of bad times. Believe me, the physical pain of getting the actual tattoo was something all in itself. It became a symbol that no amount of pain and suffering, whether physical or emotional was going to break me. I would rise again, a new and improved me. And I did all of that. The point is this: I learned recently that the phoenix is actually a symbol of the Scorpio. Every zodiac has multiple symbols associated with it, depending on the stage of the sign the person is in. The phoenix is the most advanced stage in the Scorpio sign. So, here I am, two years after getting the tattoo, finding out just how ironic it is. Either way, it’s a bad ass tattoo and I’m a bad ass for sitting through the excruciating pain to get it. Oh, it’s located on my left rib cage to give you an idea of where it’s at and why it was so painful.



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