L.O.V.E Yeah, That

You can’t let go of someone who was never meant to leave you in the first place.

Follow your heart to the one it calls home.

Yep. Love. That four letter word that means a lot. Well, depending on who is saying it and what context it’s being used in. Lets face it, it gets used even when it’s not always meant.

What is it about love that drives us crazy? Causes us to be “blind” to things? We meet someone that changes our world, maybe even who we are. Next thing you know, BAM, you can’t stop thinking about them. Your only mission in life becomes making that one person happier than they have ever been. You fall completely in love with this person and want to spend the rest of your life with them. You can’t seem to get enough of them. They are the drug you are addicted to. You never thought you would need anyone, ever, but all of a sudden, you need them. You need the way they make you feel, their touch, everything. When they aren’t around, a piece of you is missing and you don’t feel like yourself.

Love is complicated and wonderful. It is two people trying to figure each other out. It’s learning and growing from and with each other, as a couple and as individuals. Allowing each other to be 100% them self with no expectations or limits. No censorship or control over each other. Just two people who have a deep, undying, strong, unbreakable connection that comes from the soul. Accepting each other for who you are without condition. The love for the one person, who, no matter the distance (physical or other ways) you are still being pulled towards. You can’t shake them. You can’t stop thinking about them. Something within you won’t let go of that person. Yeah, I know this kind of love. I get it. Everyone has baggage, some just carry it in truck loads instead of suit cases.

For me, when I say I want someone, it doesn’t always mean sexually. It means, I want their smile. I want their laugh. I want those special looks they give me. I want their silliness. I want their sadness and their tears. I want their anger and their fears. I want their struggles. I want their heart and their love. I want everything they are. Everything they have ever been. And everything they will ever be. I want their adventures and quiet times. I want their sarcasm and their laziness. I want all of them, the good and the bad. I want all of it and I want it forever. Free of strings, judgments, and expectations.

Don’t look for reasons not to love, look for every reason to love each other. Sometimes all that is love is right in front of you but the hate is what is heard the most. Love is freedom from hate, from judgment. Love yourself and each other and free yourself from the chains that hold you down.

Even in our darkest moments

I love you even more

During times of joy and laughter

I love you even more

When there are times of silence

I love you even more

As time changes our appearance

I love you even more

Through times of growth

I love you even more

Lessons learned and lessons taught

I love you even more

Every adventure that has been and will be

I love you even more

Inside and out does not matter

I love you even more

If we are angry or happy

I love you even more

Time may change but on thing will always remain

I love you even more

I don’t want to be just another memory. I want to be the one who you are making memories with. I don’t want to be just another story. I want to be the one you write the story with. I don’t want to be just another page in your book. I want to be the reason for the book. I don’t want to be just another love lost. I want to be the love that lasts. I don’t want to be yours for now. I want to be yours forever.

A little piece of me dies with every hurtful word you say. but a new piece of me grows with every good thing you do. That’s why I love you. In other words, actions speak louder than words and even though you hurt, it can always be replaced with love. As long as more good is done than bad is said, you will always find a place to grow new parts of yourself.

I’ve known people who find their true love for a second time, later in life. Sometimes the people are right but the time is wrong. Or, maybe everything is right, the people and the time, but there are lessons to be learned and a path to be taken that will bring the two of you back together again at a later time. If you think about it, the ultimate sacrifice when you love someone unconditionally is letting them go. Trusting that in giving them their freedom, they will one day find their way back. Maybe you already knew the person was your home and where you belong but they didn’t. Just because you know it doesn’t mean they know it too. And lets face it, it really sucks to know things heart and soul and the other person is flat out clueless. In time, hopefully they will come to realize what you have known all along. I’m not saying it’s a guarantee or anything but I’ve witnessed couples who were high school sweethearts find each other again years later and live a beautiful life together because that’s what the Universe’s plan was all along. Allowing the other person to spread their wings and fly is the greatest gift of true love. You were ready for them but they weren’t ready for you. Be patient. Live your life. Grow. Learn. Then one of two things will happen. Either you find someone else who really is that true love of your life who you are meant to be with forever or the past comes back. When they are truly ready for you. they will return home to where they belong. The greatest love stories are the ones in which lovers lose each other, only to find their way back home when the time is right for both of them. After their individual journeys are complete and they can now give to a journey together. No matter what, life goes on and love, if you want it, will find its way to you in whatever form it might come as.

Love. Yep. That four little word that can make us feel more than we ever thought possible. It’s amazing how one word can fill us with so much emotion and feelings. But, as always, you have to be happy with yourself and love yourself before you can find it with someone else.

Thanks for reading.


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