Next Chapter: Fear, Hatred, Religion All In One

Only in our fears can we find ourselves.

Sometimes fear controls us without us even knowing. The truth, now that’s scary and at times, painful. Especially when it causes us to take a look at ourselves in a not so pleasant light. Fear can break us down, make us feel unworthy, or cause us to not trust others. Fear of the unknown, that is almost as scary as the truth. But in the unknown, there are unlimited possibilities because there are no expectations. Sometimes, though, we need to force ourselves to face the fear and open up to our truth. It’s not easy but in the end, we are better for it. We learn more about ourselves and become stronger that we ever thought possible. The truth can be hidden away, but it’s always there. Seek it out, and you shall find the beauty that lies on the other side of what has been kept buried just beneath the surface. Unravel the mystery of your own truths and there will be comfort, love, happiness, and the calm and stillness of the aftermath of the storm. Break the chains of the fear that is holding you down. Break through to the life you deserve, the life you were born to live. Free from the chains of the fear you have created within yourself. Only you hold the key to unlocking the gateway to a new you. Find yourself by fighting the fears, doubts, and insecurities. Begin the next chapter of your life with a new-found freedom you deserve to have, that comes from within. You are strong enough. You can make it through the struggle. I believe in and have faith in you. You can and will survive the truth. It’s in you.

Our fears can make it hard to see others for who they really are. We push what we don’t like about ourselves onto others. Sometimes our fears are so strong that we completely lose sight of the other person. We can’t see them as who they are but only as who we see ourselves as. The are now just a reflection of what we despise in ourselves, not who they really are. Until we can unclog our own fears and open up our truths, we will never see others for who they truly are. There is a choice to be made; face our fears and clear the blockage or continue to waste away in the fears that control everything about us. As scary as it might be, I’d rather face my fears than always wonder what might have been.

Fear holds so many people back from really achieving the life they want to live. Instead of letting the fear keep you from doing what you want to do, why not let it push you more towards those things. Let the fear guide you into the unknown and face it. Break through it. Life shouldn’t be full of fear, it should be full of fun. If you let the fear control you instead of you controlling your fears, are you really living? It does so much more damage to fear things than it does to go out and make shit happen that you want. Don’t miss out on good things because you don’t face the fear. Seek it out and conquer whatever fears you have.
Hate comes from fear. Fear is a lack of knowledge, the unknown. Knowledge you learn. Wisdom you earn. Fear is not normal. Fear is what societal leaders created to control the masses. In turn, we are controlled by our own fears. Without fear, people would follow their hearts, dreams, and aspirations without hesitation. Don’t let someone else tell you what you should be afraid of.

Religion is the root of fear and hate. You read that right. I’m calling it out. Let me be more specific, organized religion is the root of fear and hate. Organized religion breeds fear into those who believe it to be true. Fear of what we don’t know creates a world of hatred towards others.

It doesn’t matter what religion you affiliate with, they are all pretty similar. There are commonalities amongst all religions. Instead of blaming religion for ones actions, it’s time to look at why one would create a sense of religious righteousness in the first place. Why not look at how religions focus on the negatives and create fear in the populations. Not only do we fear what is being preached in religions, but those who follow them. What if there wasn’t any religion to follow? What if we all lived our lives with love and peace, the way we were born? Why do we need religion? All it seems to be doing is creating more hate towards each other.

We are all the same. We all feel pain, happiness, sadness, joy, anger, etc. We may look different on the outside but inside, we all have the same pieces in place. Our spirits may be different but we all were created by someone or something. No one person is wrong for believing what they believe in. I don’t have problems with people believing in anything they choose to believe in. I have a problem when it is used as an excuse to take another person(s) life. Or when someone tries to condemn another because they believe they are right and are better than someone else. Once again, the fear that is created from the unknown continues to breed hatred toward each other.

Lets take how religion views LGBTQ. Most organized religions breed so much hatred towards this group, a group I am proud to be a member of. So many people use the Bible as an excuse as to why they believe homosexuality is a sin and yada yada yada. Seriously? First of all, the Bible was written by man, not “God”. It’s supposed to be the word of God but let’s be real, a man, not God himself, wrote the Bible. Which means, the dude who wrote it could make it out to be anything he wanted it to be. It was a way for the Bible writer to control the mass population by creating a fear in them. Why is this such a difficult concept to grasp? Man wrote Bible. People were told it was the word of God and to read it and follow it or they go to hell. The end. So, organized religion is just a way to control people by scaring the crap out of them.

You want to talk about hell? How about looking around at the world you live in? Isn’t this the hell that is always described? We have fire, aka war. We have the devil, aka our government or whatever you call it in other countries. So, welcome to the party in hell everyone. Glad you all could make it. Being a lesbian and hearing so many stories about how all of us  “gays are going to hell” and thinking that if I’m going I’ll see ya there asshole. Looks like I was right. Those who use the Bible as an excuse to discriminate against others, well what does the Bible say about judging your fellow man? Just curious. I never read the Bible myself. I’m pretty sure if you are judging me, that’s a sin somewhere.

Anyway, what was I saying about LGBTQ? Oh yeah, that’s right, we’re all A-MA-ZING and FABULOUS! No one should have to live their life hidden because other people can’t get over themselves and their self-righteousness. We were all created by the Universal force that be. Oh, and speaking of which, hasn’t it been said that “God” is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes? He made me a lesbian so step back off your pedestal because “God” made me the way He saw fit for me, just like he did you and everyone else in the world. To “God” I am perfect because I’m made from His awesomeness. And so are you and the rest of you awesome Universally/Godly created peeps. Saying I am a sinner because of who I love, that’s telling “God” He is not a perfect being. I’m not sure but don’t you think He’d be more upset that you are questioning His perfection than who I love? I think He’d just be happy that people were showing each other love and compassion than hatred and bigotry. Just sayin.

Lets all remember, we are all connected to each other in some way. As well as being connected to the Earth we call our home planet. We not only have destroyed each other but the Earth as well. Until we start creating more love and appreciation none of us will survive the way we are intended to live.

I believe we are all connected somehow, some way. It doesn’t matter what you call the higher being. Lets just call it the Universe because it kind of covers everything without naming anything. We were all created by the Universe which means we are all related. Kind of upsetting to think your spouse could be a long-lost cousin, huh? Sucks the romance out of that bed romp you were just planning on having, doesn’t it? But, if you think about it, we all started from the same place. The thing is though, our spirits were created from the same Universe, our bodies (or really cool transportation vessels) were created from mommy and daddy. How’s that image for you? Mommy and daddy created you from a wild and crazy whatever they did, whenever they did the whatever dirty duty. Thank goodness our bodies aren’t related, or are they? I mean, if we traced everyone’s ancestry back, I’m sure somehow, some way, we all have common ancestors along the way. Sounds crazy but it kind of makes sense. Stop looking at your spouse like they are gross and you just had sex with your sibling. You didn’t, or I hope you didn’t and are just now realizing you did. Anyway, stop worrying about any incestual acts you may have committed, everyone else is doing the same thing. You aren’t alone.


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